Episode 009: Lessons Learned in my Business This Summer

Want to take a peek inside my business journal as I reflect back on this Summer?

Keeping a business journal is one of the most important ways we can reflect on lessons learned in our businesses.

And it’s a great opportunity to not just focus on your business (even if it’s just a ‘small business’!) but also evaluate how things are going more widely with your family, kids and life more broadly.

In today’s episode I’m sharing the ups and downs from the last 2 months in my business, and focusing on what I’ll be doing differently this Autumn.

I’ll also be featuring some journaling tips and demonstrating how to find topics for journaling.

You Will Learn...

  1. Why reflecting on our progress and mistakes is one of the most significant ways to build a successful business.
  2. The six lessons I’m taking from my business this Summer.
  3. What I’ll be doing differently this Autumn – and why we shouldn’t beat ourselves up if we don’t get everything perfect 100% of the time.
  4. The key advantage we get as entrepreneurs when it comes to rolling with the punches!

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