Episode 008: How To Grow Your Business on Six Hours A Month

How do you grow a business?

Work more hours, right?


In today’s episode I share my experience of scaling back my business in 2017, and the amazing impact it had on my income and profits. So often we try to achieve business growth by pushing ourselves SO HARD, creating content on a gruelling schedule that leaves us feeling exhausted.

Time to stop the non-stop hustle, and switch to a growth strategy that helps you achieve your business goals with less stress and more fun!

You Will Learn...

  1. Why ‘working more hours’ doesn’t always equate to a more successful business
  2. How to assess whether your content strategy is achieving the goals you need it to in your business.
  3. The mindset shift you need to make in order to work smarter, not harder – and enjoy your business instead of hustling non-stop without the results you’re looking for!

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