Episode 005: Building a Team Without the Drama

Do you live in fear of building a team in your business?

Have you been putting it off for as long as possible?

I hear you – it’s a big step to take.

It raises the stakes to build a team in your business.

One minute it’s just you in your business and you can shut up shop if it all gets too much.

But once you take on people – this changes. It’s a greater level of responsibility. And it’s more pressure.

In this episode I’m going to explore:
● Why building a team is so difficult
● The things you gain when you take that step and build a team.
● Some words of caution/wisdom – because when you take this step, I want you to do it right.

It isn’t something you should do lightly, but when you do it well it can be the biggest asset in your business.

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