Episode 001:
Welcome To The Business Club for Grown Ups Podcast

In this episode I share my story of going through burnout 8 years ago, my subsequent recovery and what led me to start my business.

I work with female entrepreneurs who want more time freedom, more money and better clients.

As a university postgrad, my life started to feel out of control and I went on to experience burnout.

It meant stopping full-time work, saying goodbye to my corporate career, and I was so unwell I spent 7 months in bed recovering from exhaustion.

The months and years that followed were far from easy, but it was me taking the first steps into a new way of doing life that involved playing to my strengths instead of highlighting my weaknesses.

Today, I have a pace of life that works for me and I’ve built my business around my young family. 

You Will Learn...

How to know when you might be at risk of burnout

How NOT to manage it – I learned the hard way that ignoring health issues doesn’t make them go away!

How to rebuild your life from zero even when you feel like the world’s biggest failure – and I can guarantee, you are not!

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