Case Study

Scaling to Multiple Six Figures

Frustrated You’re Not Fulfilling Your True Potential?

When you’re full of potential, but failing to fulfill it, it’s not just you that’s missing out.

When Marie-Helene and I first met, I could see she had the potential to offer a first-rate social media service to huge brand audiences. But she was stuck working solo with small clients.

Marie-Helene was the sole member of staff in her business when I first met her. She worked to a high standard and prided herself on the quality of work she provided for her social media clients. She is highly skilled in her field, and most importantly, is fluent in three languages which made up a key part of her USP in her business.

She badly wanted to build a team to increase the capacity of her business.

She told me she sometimes felt like a slave to her work because there was no one else to help her pick up the slack and deal with client emergencies. She was tired and her physical and mental health suffered.

But she didn’t believe it was possible to find a new team member who matched her high standard of work AND also spoke the three languages needed – that’s a pretty impressive skillset to demand!

Marie-Helene also felt that her client portfolio wasn’t sufficiently high-calibre. She was doing lots of small client contracts but felt that securing high-profile work with bigger brands was out of her reach.

I realised early on that the problem wasn’t Marie-Helene’s knowledge or experience.

She knew what to do and had a very analytical and strategic mindset.

Her problem was she was full of doubt. She didn’t believe that it was possible to resolve any of the issues in her business, and that make it feel futile to even try. She was exhausted, overwhelmed and discouraged.

We worked on her mindset and began to challenge the firm beliefs she had that change was impossible. She was highly resistant at times – but little by little the breakthroughs started to happen.

She now has a team of 14 people, including her first staff hire. And her business hit 100K turnover quickly, and is now soaring towards mid-6 figures. She even signed a household-name Fortune 500 brand as a client!

Whenever you can’t see a practical way forward in your business, it’s a flashing neon sign telling you that mindset issues are at play.

A good business coach can help with both the strategic and practical changes your business needs, as well as the necessary mindset work that underpins this.

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