Case Study

Finding The Brand That Makes The Pieces Fit - and the Profits Flow!

Has your business evolved with you?

Emily had been in business for 4 years when we first met, and by her own admission had run her business more like a charity at the very beginning. In that time she’d changed, who she wanted to work with had changed, what she wanted to offer had changed… But her business hadn’t kept up.

We identified very early on that she was trying to speak to 4 audiences at once. This meant her message was diluted, she was stretching herself too thin, and her audience was confused.

Even at that stage, Emily had a strong brand and was passionate about her work.

She got excellent results for her clients, and had the confidence to be interviewed on television and radio. In so many ways, all the pieces were there. But it wasn’t yet adding up to the financial success she knew she was capable of.

Together we began to map out who she now was, instead of who she felt she should be or used to be. And a picture came together of the work she wanted to be doing now – and with it, a strong vision that really resonated with her new niche.

This meant closing part of her business down, and making major investments in other areas, which didn’t happen overnight or come easily.

But over time it became more and more clear that it was the right thing to do.

Today Emily is fully aligned with her message and brand.

She is unafraid to show up as the big name in her niche that she always wanted to be. And in our final month working together she pulled off a £15K launch!

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