Case Study

The Secret Expert in her Field

Self-employment not giving you the freedom you expected?

Yes, it’s possible to be self-employed, and still not feel like your own boss.

And that’s not a good place to be.

My client Christina was working too hard, with too little control. Recognizing this was no longer sustainable, Christina wanted to work with me so she could create a business she actually enjoyed.

Here’s her story:

Christina was new to self-employment, but not new to her industry. She had built up a lucrative consulting business in a short space of time, but it didn’t feel all that great.

80% of her income came from one client, which made her anxious about what would happen if they changed or cancelled her contract.

In addition, she was required to deliver a lot of the work in another country. This meant staying away from home for as much as 2 weeks at a time.

When we first started working together, Christina was exhausted juggling long days of delivering training and completing other client work on the side.

She was often so tired when she finally got home from travelling that she felt unproductive and sluggish at her desk.

More than that, she was fearful that she would lose out if she didn’t continue to agree to the demands of her client. Her business didn’t feel like it was sustainable for the long term and she was enjoying her work less and less.

We needed to investigate how she’d (unintentionally) handed so much control over to one client, and what she needed to do to claw it back.

Together we identified that Christina needed to grow into her expert status in her industry, and because of this she was either avoiding or sabotaging the new opportunities that came her way.

In addition, she wasn’t charging for her services in line with the value she truly brought to her clients. And she wasn’t targeting the optimal clients for her business.

We were able to work through her fear of losing existing clients and of stepping into this new ‘version of herself’ so that she was able to negotiate her terms for new work.

We also set up systems to optimise her flow of leads and pipeline forecast, as well as setting a utilisation rate for her billable hours that didn’t require her to work beyond her capacity each month.

As a result, Christina has started to own her expert status.

She recently gave a keynote speech at a conference, something that she felt she could never do before. And because she knows she is one of the top experts in her field, she isn’t afraid to raise her prices and pitch for more ambitious projects with prestigious clients.

She feels in control of her business, and is finding it exhilarating instead of overwhelming. She is also bringing home more money without having to travel.

If you’re self-employed, but don’t feel like you’re the boss, it’s time for a change.

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