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Is Your Role At Home Shifting As Your Business Grows?

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We talk a lot about the need to wear different hats in your business, particularly when you are starting out. Then as each season passes, you evaluate your role and decide what you want to be doing, and what you are going to outsource or delegate to a team member. 

Something we talk less about is how as your business grows and develops, so do you and that can mean the other hats you wear don’t fit in quite the same way. For example, the confidence you are showing at work will be present in other areas of your life. Recently I had a session with a client of mine who we both agree is showing up in a completely different energy to how she felt a year ago.

Another change may well be your bank balance. Even if your partner brings home quite a substantial paycheck, there may come a point where you find yourself bringing in a bigger wage.

And for some of the women I speak to this can bring about a bit of a shift in the relationship, and at times be a bit of a point of tension as you both readjust to the new setup in your finances. It’s not necessarily about the money, but how each of you sees their identity.

How we communicate value in a relationship is really important. It will be a much smoother transition to you being the breadwinner if you are mindful that it may change your partner’s view of themselves. It may be that you’ve never discussed it but if they always felt a sense of pride that they earned more, they may feel that they have become worth less to you if this is something you no longer require from them. You both have to grow into this new situation.

I’m not saying you should pander to fragile egos here. It could be that this ends up being a positive area of growth for both of you, demonstrating to your partner that you don’t just stay together because one of you is financially dependent on the other.

It makes sense to talk with them about what might change in your lives now that you are bringing in more money.

It’s important to say that I’m not a relationships counsellor, but a lot can happen in a lifetime together, and as you go through different seasons, your roles can change and it can cause real disruption in a relationship at times.

If your relationship is under strain because of the changes in your business, it’s worth really working on that together if you can. Sometimes change can reveal cracks and tensions that were already there. So if you need help in the relationship and navigating a season of change, it can be a really positive thing to speak to a relationships counsellor.

Let me know, how much do you talk to your family about your business?

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