Seven Figures Club

Taking Your Business
Beyond 100K

with Jessica Fearnley

Are You Feeling Booked Out and

…Burned Out?

You’re an expert in your field.

And you don’t struggle to get lucrative contracts with your corporate clients.

But it can come at a high price. You work HARD. Your quality of life is the first thing to drop off your radar when your clients need you. 

But you’ve also hit a ceiling with your income and you’re looking for a way to scale your business.

Your business is doing pretty well from a financial point of view, but you’re not content with just 6 figures. You have your sights set on 7 figures – but it doesn’t feel like you can get there unless something changes pretty drastically in your current business.

It just feels so hard!

You’ve built up your skills and experience throughout your career and you’re confident in the work you do for your clients.

But when it comes to your OWN business, it’s another matter.

You’re booked out. You don’t struggle to find new clients when you need them. But you’d love to find a way of working that doesn’t require 100% of your time to be spent with clients.

You’re trapped in the cycle of overworking for a few weeks or months at a time, living for your holidays so you can catch up on sleep, and all the while knowing that you’re not really thriving. In fact in your worst moments you feel like you’re heading towards burnout.

Your business is SO close to really working. But you’re more stuck than you like to admit.

So What Takes You From ‘Here’ To ‘There’?

We need to zero in on where the real value is in your business.

And get you primed for the role of CEO in your business – because that’s where you belong!

After all – you left your corporate career because you wanted something better than just the
9-5 grind. And it’s time to transform your business into a profit-making machine that not only delivers you the money you want, but also enables you to have the lifestyle and
freedom you’ve always dreamed of.

And that’s where I come in.

I’ve spent my career creating order from chaos in a host of different settings. My experience comes from working in project management and business development.

And before I started my own business I helped build a promising consultancy firm to seven figures and prepared it for sale.

Getting to Seven Figures doesn’t happen by accident.

It takes focused work, a lot of determination, and the skill and experience of someone who’s done it before.

So what are we going to focus on
in the Seven Figures Club?

Your Journey to Seven Figures


Our first module will focus on re-evaluating your business model and the streams of income into your business. 


To build a strong company you need to understand how your business works and the infrastructure you need behind the scenes to get results.


Every business needs a strong leader, so we’ll evaluate your vision and mindset to make sure that you aren’t the biggest problem in your business.


We’ll recession-proof your business by identifying the risks in your business. No one wants to find themselves at the wrong end of an economic downturn so we’ll create a business that bounces back.


It’s not enough to have one good year, or even a couple of good years. You need to demonstrate consistent growth and we’ll create a plan to ensure everything adds up just the way it needs to.


A high-turnover company that doesn’t generate profit is not the goal here. Healthy profit generation has to be written into the DNA of your business as it grows, so we’ll make sure the house always wins (that’s you by the way) 

What Format Does the Programme Take?

2x 60 minute Private Coaching Sessions each month

We’ll put your business under the microscope and focus in on how it’s 
performing but also how it FEELS.

Daily Voxer Support

Monday-Friday 9am-8pm

My Training Pathway – How To Grow Your Business From 6 to 7 Figures

Training Modules are released each month for the 6 months of the programme

How Do I Know If I'm Ready for this Programme?

  • You have a clear vision for building your business to Seven Figures and a defined sense of WHY this is your abiding goal.
  • It's not just about vanity or validation. You are committed to the work it will take to grow your business to this level.
  • You already have clients and services for sale, and have a regular turnover of at least 100K a year.
  • You are ready to invest in growing your business with expert help. No shortcuts, no cutting corners. You know that you will get out what you put in. And I'm 100% behind you.

So How Do I Join The Programme?

The Seven Figures Club is a 6 month private coaching programme.

It costs £997 per month to join the programme. 
This is payable once a month for the
6 months of the programme.

Entry to the programme is by application only,
and numbers are strictly limited.