The Business Club

for Grown Ups

with Jessica Fearnley

The Membership Group That Makes All The Difference!

So what's the Business Club for Grown Ups all about?

In short, it’s a membership group for female entrepreneurs who take themselves – and their businesses – seriously.

Why join the Business Club for Grown Ups?

The Business Club for Grown Ups gives you:

1. Monthly Expert Content from me and my hand-picked expert guests, covering the things you need to know to build your business with ease

2. A fab members-only community of like-minded women who have your back, ready to cheer you on (and who may even end up working with you!)


What content can I expect?

When you join, you get instant access to the modules we’ve covered so far, including…

Setting Prices Without Underselling Yourself

with Jessica Fearnley


How To Digitally Detox and Still Work and Connect Online

with Emily Hodge, Transformational Life Coach

Emily Hodge

Boss Behaviours – A Mindset Superboost for You and Your Business

with Nadia Finer

Nadia Finer

How To Get Started With Instagram

with Louise Brogan

Untitled design (1)

How To Write a Marketing Plan

with Janine Coombes

Janine Coombes

Whether you want to learn more about marketing, time management and productivity, promoting your business effectively or working less and earning more – the Business Club for Grown Ups brings together everything you need to build your business under one roof!

Who is the programme for?

The Business Club for Grown Ups is for you if...

  • You are passionate about your business and ready to work hard to make it happen
  • You sometimes find your business so overwhelming - you know what you want to achieve but it can feel so hard knowing where to start
  • You would love to be part of a growing community of inspirational women who are on the same road as you
  • You need help and support in order to build your business, but you're not in a position to invest in 1:1 coaching yet
  • You're done with free resources and want to commit to a programme that digs deeper and enables you to focus on your specific circumstances

What's included?

Fresh Expert Content
Every Month

At the start of every month we’ll be diving into a new topic of Expert Content, either from Yours Truly or one of my Special Guests.

We’ll be including videos, workbooks, and additional resources that will teach you everything you need to know about how to run a successful business.

We’ll also share our knowledge and experience so you can avoid the rookie mistakes we made along the way.  

Plus I’ll be there to teach you how to focus like a boss, and most important of all, get results whatever stage of the journey you’re on.

Exclusive Members Facebook Group

Every member of the programme gets access to my exclusive Business Club for Grown Ups Members Facebook group, where I’ll be active every day, with dedicated accountability threads throughout the week.

It’s a great place to get networking, find Joint Venture partners to collaborate with, ask questions, bounce ideas and get support when things feel tough. You may even pick up a few new clients along the way!

All-Access Pass To My Online Training Vault

In addition to the existing back catalogue of Business Club Expert Content modules, you can access a wide range of my exclusive training videos and masterclasses in my Online Training Vault – it’s quite simply everything you need to grow your business under one roof!

Plus some exciting bonus goodies:

‘What Stage Is My Business At’ quiz and free ‘Time, Money and Clients’ Masterclass

Transform Your Business – Planning Workbook


Monthly Power Hour

Every month we meet up online over Zoom for a ‘Power Hour’.

It’s a great opportunity to network, ask questions about your business and get to know the other members in the Business Club for Grown Ups.


What Makes This Membership Group Different?

  • You're not just a business, you're a person. This group takes a holistic approach that reflects the needs of your business and your mind and body, in order to help you become the best version of yourself.
  • Size isn't everything - I'm prioritising quality over quantity, so you won't feel lost in a sea of people shouting about themselves all day every day. We're going for a sense of real community, where we're all in it together to learn and grow our businesses without those not-so-subtle 'visibility posts' dominating the group news feed.
  • We care who ends up in the programme - this group is about connections and building relationships, so we want to attract like-minded women who are serious about growing their business.

What Jessica's Grown Ups Have To Say...

"I love how the club materials go beyond the basics of getting more clients, and making more money, and look at things that will make my quality of life as a business owner better - like time management, productivity, and mindset. The club is inspiring me to love my business more (not just perpetually grow it bigger and bigger)"
Laura Robinson
Founder, Write With Worditude
"Jessica stands out to me as a Business Coach because she understands that my business is just one component of my life and encourages balance. My business is important, but my family also take up a lot of my time. Through the Business Club for Grown Ups, Jessica encourages me to constantly inch forward, but without pushing me beyond my limits; enables me to articulate what success looks like to ME and helps me achieve it; and motivates me to focus on the things that really matter in my business so I can wisely use my precious work hours to the maximum advantage."
Lisa York
Podcast Host, The Supermum Podcast
"I just loved the content on pinpointing your ideal client. I really thought I knew everything about ideal client profiles, but your video in the Business Club was so energising! It's given me loads of actionable tips to put into practise. I'm so much clearer on how to reach my ideal client."
Fay Wallis
Bright Sky HR
"Setting up a business is overwhelming – and this is where The Business Club for Grown Ups is so good. It’s a fab community full of like-minded people. The monthly content is always thoroughly engaging and completely relevant to running a business. So, if you’re an entrepreneur looking for a bit of back up, advice and top tips when it comes to running your business and managing your time then I highly recommend you become a member of The Business Club for Grown Ups!"
Louise Condon
Owner, Jump N Juice Fitness

So How Do I Join The Club?

The doors to the Business Club for Grown Ups are currently OPEN for new members!

Membership costs just £49 per month.

You do not have to join for a minimum number of months, and you can cancel your monthly subscription any time.

So if you’re ready to start running your business like a grown-up, come and join us!