A Woman’s Motivations For Business Building Aren’t The Same as a Man’s

A Woman’s Motivations For Business Building Aren’t The Same as a Man’s

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Women Usually Do Business Their Own Way – It’s Not About Doing Everything The Way A Man Would Do It

One of the things I love most about business and enterprise is the way it has reshaped and redefined the ways that women work.

For so long, women have had narrowly-defined opportunities to reach their potential in the workplace. And it has usually been the case that they’ve had to fit themselves and their lives into a man-shaped career path – built by men, for men.

But for most of us, this misses the mark.

Because women aren’t fulfilled by doing everything a man would do, in the way that he would do it.

When women work – we often do it differently.

Collaboration over competition.

Building trust into the heart of every business relationship.

Believing the best of other people and making integrity a core value at the centre of everything we do.

And moving away from an hours-based culture of presenteeism at the office, to a more flexible pattern of work that creates space for the things we value most.

The Growing Niche of Female-Owned Business

The potential that exists among women in the UK alone is staggering.

In her review of female entrepreneurship in the UK, Alison Rose states:

Up to £250 billion of new value could be added to the UK economy if women started and scaled new businesses at the same rate as UK men.

But whatever country you’re operating from – there is a general trend that female-owned businesses lag behind male-owned businesses. Both in number and in profitability.

So where does this leave us?

We’re at a watershed moment for women and the world of work. Our mothers and grandmothers lacked access to education and the opportunities that we are increasingly able to create for ourselves.

And it’s time for women to feel comfortable about embracing their ambitions. Earning the money we want to. Generating that money from our own businesses.

But also unapologetically building our businesses in line with the values and motivations that WE have as women. Using our instincts and being ready to say no to the advice and structures that don’t fit.

For Women, Business Ownership is about More Than Just Money

It’s not just the way we do business, it’s the WHY behind our businesses that are different.

For me personally, the fact that I’m able to contribute to the world – and the economy – despite finding that the corporate workplace doesn’t fit my health limitations or my family responsibilities has been one of the most meaningful aspects of founding my own business.

And I’m not alone in this.

On my podcast this week, I referenced the Eden McCallum survey of women consultants which states:

‘Women consultants… seem to feel that they are doing better work than when they were employees, particularly in terms of the efficiency they experience and the satisfaction they get out of it. Women primarily define success by being energised, which is more important to them than money. Income remains a key factor for men, however.’

And I have to say, I found this fascinating. Because I know that for many of the women consultants I speak to every week, this rings true.

It’s not enough to just ‘take the money’, doing work that makes you feel dead inside. It’s about identifying the skills and experience you have that you know will make a huge impact on the clients you serve.

And it’s setting up everything in the business around the realities of life as a woman. Choosing the work that you want to do and charging the money that you know it is worth, not opting for the ‘race to the bottom’ or minimum wage because you’re a woman who works around family commitments or health limitations.

I talk about this more in Episode 010 of the Seven Figure Consultant Podcast.

It’s called More Than Just Money and really digs into the motivations women have for building bold consulting businesses.

I’m making a case for why, as women, we shouldn’t hold back or be afraid of money. And we also need to tap into our bigger vision behind the business we’re building because it’s not always just money that motivates us.

Honestly, it’s one of my favourite episodes to date. If you’re a woman in consulting, you will LOVE it.

Listen to Episode 010 of The Seven Figure Consultant Podcast

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