You are currently viewing Episode 162: Seven Figure Secrets – How to Cope When It All Starts to Work

In this week’s bite-size bonus episode, Seven Figure Secrets, I’m talking about the discomfort that can come with success.

We often find failure much easier to sit with than success! And that’s why we need more support coping with business when it all starts to work, compared to when it all feels like it’s going wrong.

In this episode, we’ll cover how to cope when it all starts to work, overcoming self sabotage, and embracing your Next Level Self.


“Sometimes we get so used to the feeling of failure that it becomes a security blanket. We know where we are with failure, and even though this is dysfunctional, we can feel more comfortable with the familiarity of feeling not enough that we would almost choose it over joy, happiness and success.”

“It’s ok to have a bit of an identity crisis as you experience personal growth and business growth. Who you are is changing, and that means saying goodbye to your old self, that version of you who couldn’t be with success. It’s ok to feel some grief about this too. But as you say goodbye to your old self, you are also becoming your Next Level Self. We never have to let go without also taking hold of what is next.”

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