You are currently viewing Episode 161: Seven Figure Secrets – How Failure Tolerance Can Lead to Seven-Figure Success

In this week’s bite-size bonus episode, Seven Figure Secrets, I’m talking about the topic of failure tolerance in business and how we can shift our perspective and response to failure.

Instead of viewing it as something negative, we can learn to recognise its significance in our personal and professional growth. Embracing failure can actually pave the way for greatness in the long run and build your resilience on the road to seven-figure success.


“What do we gain from playing the game of catastrophe? And what would change if we could adjust our failure tolerance so that it doesn’t feel like every time we face setbacks or experience failure, we are emotionally already in the place of losing everything?”

“When we can change our response to failure, and learn to embrace it and know that actually, we are always far more secure than we think we are, it means we are free to take chances in business and tolerate risk without falling apart.”

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