You are currently viewing Episode 112: Encouraging Yourself to Make a Bigger Impact, with Sharath Jeevan

It can be extremely scary to put yourself out there. When you run your own business you have to make big decisions. You started your business for a reason, but in the early days, you can lose sight of that as you focus on getting the work in.

But then you get to a point where the impact and difference you make to your clients becomes tangible. You can see the change you have made just by being on the planet and doing the things you feel led and called to do.

When you are in your younger years, it can feel like a big burden that people always tell you that you have potential. How do you live that out? How do you make sure that it’s something that is big enough? And you can circle back to that. How can you make a bigger impact? You have to encourage yourself to take these bigger steps. How do you have the courage to do that?

You’re going to get some great advice from this week’s podcast guest, Sharath Jeevan OBE. He is one of the world’s leading experts on reigniting our inner drive (intrinsic motivation), and the author of “Intrinsic”. He was awarded an OBE in the 2022 New Year’s Honours and advises a range of organisations on motivation related challenges, from L’Oreal to the London School of Economics to national governments.

He founded and led STIR Education – arguably the world’s largest intrinsic motivation initiative. STIR impacted 200,000 teachers, 35,000 schools and 7 million children across a number of emerging countries. Sharath is currently the Executive Chairman of Intrinsic Labs, which supports organisations all around the world to solve deep motivational challenges, from governments to leading UK universities and high-profile corporations.

We discuss:

  • One of the biggest challenges consultants face
  • Developing your personal mission statement
  • The multiplier effect of investing in ourselves
  • Ways to develop mastery
  • Getting buy in from key decision makers and approaching those conversations

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