You are currently viewing Episode 108: Starting a Business Alongside Your Corporate Role, with Lauren Widrick

Are you thinking of quitting your corporate role? Or maybe you’ve got an idea for a business, but you don’t know whether it will support you and you would like to test it.

A way of bridging the gap before you leap full time into being the CEO of your own business is to start a ‘side hustle’, a business you run alongside your job. If this is the first you have heard of it, or you know people who have done it but wondered how they were juggling the two, then listen to this episode of the podcast.

I’m talking to Lauren Widrick, who is a Side Hustle + Sales Expert. She helps people escape their soul-sucking corporate jobs by starting smart, sustainable side hustles. Lauren made the leap from Investment Banking to full-time entrepreneurship, and she’s got the process down to a science. Nearly 100 people have completed her Slay your Side Hustle program, which takes you from business concept to cashflow in 90 days. She also runs a Sales Swagger mastermind, so that your new business can become your sustainable, lucrative livelihood.

She’s the host of the Grab Life by the Goals podcast, a wife, mum to two daughters, a professionally trained coach, and proof that you can disrupt and expand in every area of your life.

We discuss:

  • How a side hustle could help you transition from your corporate career
  • Legal considerations if you are planning to set up a business alongside your job
  • How a coach can benefit you as you build your side hustle
  • A key mistake to avoid when you start a business
  • How to know when you can quit your corporate role


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