You are currently viewing Episode 057: Getting into the Growth Zone with Jaclyn Mellone

If there’s ever been a year that has done really hard things to our mindset, it’s definitely the one we’ve just had. Now it’s time to look ahead and we are wondering what the new year will bring.

My guest expert for this episode is Jaclyn Mellone, a mindset coach, founder of the Go-To Gal podcast and of Pays To Podcast. She helps her clients anchor in their authority, grow their revenue, and build a loyal audience.

I think of Jaclyn as the go-to gal for mindset. This is a topic I’ve been speaking about in the last two episodes of the podcast and I’m delighted to share my conversation with Jaclyn with you. It’s a really helpful discussion as we prepare for 2021.

We talk about:

  • What happens when our mindset is not in alignment with where we want to go
  • How draining the past few months have been and the impact of that on ourselves
  • Being grateful for what we’ve got and still wanting more
  • The ripple effect of going bigger
  • Being afraid to allow ourselves to go to that next step
  • How the rules have changed this year


Useful links:

Jaclyn Mellone’s mindset exercise

Jessica’s LinkedIn profile

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