You are currently viewing Episode 056: Money Mindset and the part it plays in your consulting business

When I first set up my business I quickly discovered some great Facebook groups for women business owners. It always jarred with me a bit that there was a real new-age spiritualism that often accompanied this. I didn’t have a problem with other people going down this route – it just didn’t particularly chime with me.

I bundled money mindset up with all this talk about spiritualism and manifesting and the law of attraction and I found it a bit ‘much’.

But over time I’ve really come to appreciate how valuable it is to talk about money mindset, because like mindset and particularly, scarcity mindset, it has a huge impact on how we do life and because of that – how we do business.

This week on the podcast I am talking about money mindset and the part it plays in your consulting business.

I talk about:

  • How my life looked great on the outside, but actually I was broke
  • How I burst into tears when I suddenly made £4k in one month
  • The beliefs we have around money
  • What you can do to change how you think about money

Useful links:

You Are A Badass At Making Money by Jen Sincero

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